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The moment you enter Mia’s Spa, you feel a sense of calmness from the tranquil environment and a warm welcome from owners Mia and Dale Severson.

That is the ultimate goal of the wife and husband team who opened Mia’s Spa in the heart of Delray Beach at My Salon Suite, located in Pineapple Grove.

The duo, who are both licensed Estheticians, focus on providing the ultimate oasis for relaxation and only the best in treatments for beauty and well-being.

Mia’s Spa offers a zen atmosphere and a holistic approach for the body, mind and spirit. The local spa offers a wide array of skin care treatments, including: Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, derma-needling, acne, hyperpigmentation, skin tags and mole removal and stretchmark and scar revision. Mia and Dale also specialize in micro-current facelifts, a non-invasive form of Botox and a more holistic approach for anti-aging that re-educates the muscles of the face.

Spa Delray BeachMia and Dale have much experience in the beauty and healthcare fields. They previously owned a spa in Palm Beach Gardens offering the best in beauty and wellness, and decided to bring their services to Delray Beach. Prior to that, Mia was in the healthcare industry, selling durable medical equipment for 10 years. Their life was turned upside down when her husband, Dale, was in a serious car accident and was unable to work for 2 years.  Dale was diagnosed with 3 herniated and bulging disks as well as spinal stenosis. He was prescribed pain medication and was told he would have to have back surgery. We had to find technology that could help him heal and microcurrent was a more holistic approach to pain management. We were so amazed by his results and after receiving several treatments he was out of pain and did not need to get back surgery. After that we learned that microcurrent also triggers the body’s natural response to produce collagen and elastin and re-educates the muscles of the face while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. We began giving educational seminars on the benefits of microcurrent for pain and beauty.  Hence, a new passion ensued and we decided to open Mia’s Spa.

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Our Successes

My sister and I are twins. We are 73 years old. We wanted to soften and diminish our lines and wrinkles. We also noticed that our jowls had lost its fullness over the years. I was happy I could have my sister with me and we were able to get the micro-current face lift treatment together. It was truly an amazing experience. Our skin looked tighter and firmer and the lines were diminished. We highly recommend going to see Mia and Dale at Mia’s Spa. Thank you Mia and Dale for helping us look and feel our best. We had 8 treatments and these were our results.
Adel and Marsha
I was very self conscious about my wrinkles around my lips. I tried everything to try to get rid of them botox, serums, and countless creams. It wasn’t until I found Mia at Mia’s Spa that I started to do micro-current treatments on my lips. My background is a nurse and I really understood Mia’s explanation of the science and benefits behind micro-current. Within the first treatment I noticed a difference and was so happy I cried. I felt so relaxed and calm while she was working on my lines and wrinkles. I am very happy with my results and would recommend her to anyone who wants to look younger. These were my results after 8 treatments.
I am an Esthetician and was really impressed by the technologies that Mia uses at Mia’s Spa. I used to get BOTOX in my face but never tried micro-current until she did a treatment on me. I was blown away by how amazing the treatment felt and how sculpted and lifted my face and neck looked. Age is just a number thanks to you. Thank you Mia. Shine bright like a diamond.
I was recommended Mia by a friend of mine to see her for help with my Acne. I had suffered with acne for 9 months prior to seeing Mia. I really wasn’t sure if she could make a difference in my skin. But she used amazing products and technologies to address my skin care concern. I was blown away by how my skin cleared up in a matter of weeks. I feel more confident because of you. Thank you Mia. I feel like I can control my acne now because of you.
I had suffered from Rosacea for many years. I went to Mia and was recommended her Acne facial. She used micro-current, high frequency, and made a special ginseng/pearl mask. That was exactly what my skin needed. I could not believe how much my acne had reduced in just one treatment. I trusted her with recommending the proper skin care regiment and after using the products she recommend no longer have Rosacea. Thank you Mia I feel like a new woman!